Larry Nassar attacked in courtroom

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The father of three daughters who were abused by Larry Nassar tried to attack the former doctor in an Eaton County, Michigan, court Friday before he was tackled and arrested by security.

Randall Margraves, the man who hurled himself towards Nassar had earlier requested the judge present in the courtroom to "grant me (him) five minutes in a locked room with this demon". As uniformed officers pulled him from the courtroom, he implored them, "What if this happened to you guys?"

Margraves says he lost control when it appeared that Nassar was shaking his head during his daughters' statements.

When she declined again, he ran at Nassar, but court officers tackled him nearly immediately and arrested him.

More than 30 survivors have given statements against him, and in another hearing last week, more than 15o women accused him of abuse while purporting to give them medical treatment.

The judge started the day by addressing comments made by a Nassar lawyer who said she had doubts about the large number of women and girls who say they were assaulted by Nassar.

The 175 years are in addition to his current sentence of 60 years, which the 54-year-old is serving for possession of pornography relating to child abuse.

"I delivered unintentionally my three daughters to a demon", Margraves said.

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After the young women were finished, Randall was given an opportunity to speak to Nassar, first calling him 'a son of b--' and the judge reprimanded him for swearing.

A judge says there's "no way" she'll punish the father of three.

Eaton County Sheriffs restrain Randall Margraves after he lunged at Larry Nassa in the Eaton County Circuit Court, February 2, 2018.

When Judge Cunningham declined once again, Randall lunged forward and attempted to attack Nassar. "He reacted in a way I feel like most fathers would've done and probably wanted to do", she said. He asked for a minute, and she said she couldn't allow that. Sexual assault charges were later filed by the MI attorney general.

"There is no way that this court is going to issue any type of punishment, given the circumstances of this case", Cunningham said".

Morgan Margraves, 27, spoke on behalf of her sisters at the press conference Friday. "But it's truly understandable _ the amount of pain that we've all gone through", Vigogne said of Margraves' actions. The US Olympics Committee and other organizations ignored complaints about Nassar for years. "Behind bars, he'll soon know what hell means".

The "present climate causes me, and more importantly my family, far too much stress, difficulty and uncertainty", he said.