Verizon won't be carrying the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, either

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But it turns out that the biggest wireless carrier in the USA won't be carrying any Huawei-branded smartphones, either.

USA lawmakers in December asked Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to begin an investigation of Huawei's plans to sell consumer gear in the US, according to text of a congressional letter obtained by Bloomberg News.

Verizon is following AT&T's lead and cancelling plans to sell Huawei's Mate 10 Pro smartphone that boasts support for the upcoming super-fast 5G network, according to a Bloomberg report on Tuesday. Earlier this month, AT&T pulled out of a deal with Huawei to sell the Mate 10 Pro after receiving similar pressure. Verizon declined to comment, and Huawei did not immediately respond.

Had the Verizon-Huawei merchandising proposal come to fruition, it could have helped Huawei increase its market share in the U.S. We were all eagerly expecting Huawei to drop their flagship device in 2018 with full carrier support in the USA, but after pressure from the United States government, AT&T backed out of the deal just before CES 2018.

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While Huawei's devices are still available from third party retailers and will work on both Verizon's and AT&T's networks, USA customers generally purchase their devices through their carriers as opposed to off-contract.

Huawei came under US scrutiny in 2003, when Cisco Systems Inc. sued its China-based rival, accusing it of stealing software code for its network routers. Giving the company access to USA phones obviously does not sit well with the government. The committee's bipartisan report recommended that American companies should be barred from buying equipment from Huawei and ZTE. We've also contacted Huawei for comment and will update this article when we hear from them.

In fact, the province of British Columbia and national carrier Telus are now collaborating with Huawei on 5G network tests. The House Intelligence Committee urged USA companies to steer clear of the Chinese manufacturers on concerns that the government in Beijing could install malicious hardware or software.

Of course, there are other options for Huawei, Verizon being one of them.