Spotify Experimenting With New Pandora-Inspired Streaming App

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"As you listen, it learns what you like and creates personalised stations that you'll love". An app that's all about easy, quick listening seems particularly built to woo Pandora's millions of free users who want a convenient, lean-back experience with little user input required. You'll instead have to rely on the app's ability to automatically generate new playlists based on your musical tastes. "With Stations, you can listen immediately, and switching stations is simple and seamless - no searching or typing needed".

Spotify is testing a new standalone app that would put it in direct competition with Pandora.

Currently, the app is incompatible with some major Android devices such as Google's Pixel phone.

With the regular Spotify app, you can play any song or band you like with a paid-for membership.

That probably means that having a function-heavy app is not Spotify's goal.

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As soon as you login with your Spotify account, you'll be greeted with an unexpectedly simplistic interface with large, minimalist font detailing all of Spotify's genre-based stations such as Hip Hop, Indie, and even Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

As part of moves to remain competitive, Spotify launched a version of its app for iMessage in September. In the description, Spotify explains that it plays music instantly when opened with stations easily changed by scrolling inside the app. Though, this was done quietly and without raising much dust, many users will come to accept this as one of the best steps the company has taken in recent time.

The unanswered question is, will Stations give users another reason not to pay for a Premium subscription? It also put an end to copying-and-pasting links.

From the Google Play Store, the app is described as such.