Ryu and Sakura Will Kick Ass and Take Names in Monster Hunter

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After all the hype, the Monster Hunter World game finally has a release date now that the beta testing period has ended.

Players who don't have a PS4 save for "Street Fighter V", as well as Xbox One players, are not entirely missing out, too. A PC release has also been announced but that isn't coming until much later in the year. And if you spot something we left out, just let us know down in the comments section. Once you're ready, go in and start hacking away with everything you got.

High rank begins once you hit the 6-star missions which means you'll be fighting tougher versions of the monsters you've already fought, including Anjanath, and you will be getting better drops as a result. Select "Claim Add-Ons and Bonuses" to get the celebration pack items. "Using that, not only see what it's like during the daytime, but you can also check the expressions and such for night". According to a company's announcement, they'll give $70000 to anyone that sends them solid proof that some notorious monsters such as Big Foot and the monster of Loch Ness do exist.

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We've compiled a list of all the drops from the Monster Hunter: World bestiary to make it easier for players to c plan ahead for the items they will need. These tickets, plus the needed monster parts, can then be taken to a smithy to trade them in for a new Ryu armor set.

In previous Monster Hunter games, Hunter Rank capped out at 999.

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