Cops Catch Cars Packed With 4000 Kilos Of Stolen Oranges

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That's especially true when you're dealing with orange theft.

Inside, they found hundreds of oranges.

This week Spanish police stopped a auto in Carmona, near Seville, because the vehicle was being driven erratically.

The police arrested the five travelers - a couple and their three sons - for theft, and the investigation remains ongoing. When they tried to pull the cars over, they peeled away at high speed, forcing police to chase them down a dirt road.

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In the photos taken of the scene, you can see that the oranges had been packed up the roof of the vehicles. The oranges had no labelling or invoices, which led to police to suspect they had been stolen. Local media reported that the other suspects told authorities that they were collecting the fruits as they traveled.

The suspects were stopped last week when a police patrol became suspicious of the vehicles driving in a convoy at night, the city council said.

After a short chase, the officers searched the vehicles and were astonished to find them stuffed to the brim with the juicy fruit. The four tonnes of stolen fruit are worth € 1400.