'Dreamers' reject White House immigration framework for restricting family-based migration

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Trump returned to Twitter today in typical fashion after a quick trip overseas for the World Economic Forum. The officials said Trump would only sign legislation providing those protections if the other immigration changes he is proposing are implemented. A breakdown in negotiations led to a brief government shutdown last weekend.

But ask Congressman Brat, and he'll tell you the American people have no stomach for the Trump plan or the Democrats' extremism. That caused a frustrated Schumer to remark that working with Trump is "like negotiating with Jell-O".

Trump rescinded the Obama executive order that created DACA in the fall of 2017 but gave Congress six months to come up with a solution. The top Trump adviser has reportedly stood in the way before of a major bipartisan immigration deal due to his demands.

After President Donald Trump said during a White House briefing there was a possibility to allow the legalization of thousands of "Dreamers", the White House advanced on the proposals that Trump will present to the Senate.

Trump's plan would require Congress to set up a $25 billion "trust fund" to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico, and invest in better protections at the northern border with Canada.

"It's disheartening cause it's nearly like you're giving something that is supposed to be hopeful but you have this great understanding that it comes at too great a cost that we're not willing to accept it and we can't accept it", he said. Though a few have found immigrants can depress some workers' wages, most believe there's little negative impact on on US workers.

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The package was immediately panned by pro-immigration groups, which said the plan was a bad trade-off.

The plan still allows roughly as many foreigners to legally move to America every year as there are Americans in the state of Wyoming. Dreamers, in essence, are being held hostage to the cruel nativist designs of a xenophobic White House.

"It seems to me that the two important things to tackle right now. are to protect the dreamers and also to strengthen border security", Sen. Breitbart, the web site previously run by Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, ran a headline blasting "Amnesty Don". Trump/Miller is probably going nowhere. "The U.S.is what I know and that's where I want to live my life - I want to be a part of it in full". Another shutdown looms on February 8 if a deal doesn't materialize. Democrats aren't likely to go for it, which means that unless the bipartisan efforts in the Senate bear fruit, we're likely headed for another shutdown-and another battle of wills: Republicans will try to blame Democrats if nothing happens and Dreamers start getting deported. "I can't imagine being in the USA without them", said Laura Peniche, of Colorado, who benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which in 2012 began offering temporary reprieve from deportation and some legal documentation to youth brought to the country illegally as children, as long as they met certain criteria.

"He listened very carefully", she added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, told reporters January 8 that if a deal can't be reached, lawmakers would find another way, according to Roll Call. A lot of House Republicans are - real hard-line positions on immigration.

The compromise is for more forgiving to illegals and includes far fewer immigration restriction measures than the earlier House Judiciary Committee plan and has already earned the condemnation of pro-American immigration reformers in and out of Congress. (2) To show that Democrats do not want to solve DACA, only use it!