Stormy Daniels Set to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Earlier this month, Wall Street Journal reported a top lawyer for the Trump Organization paid $130,000 to the former adult film star to keep her quiet a month before the 2016 presidential election, and that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen negotiated a nondisclosure agreement in October 2016 with Stephanie Clifford (nom de porn: Stormy Daniels).

Although Trump's lawyers have denied both the affair and the hush money payment, the alleged affair was seemingly confirmed by an unpublished interview Daniels is said to have given to In Touch Weekly in 2011, which was then unearthed and run on January 17. "I'm surprised at the size of this story", she offered.

Daniels did say that, until recently, she was living a "strangely normal life" in Texas with her husband and daughter, and "then I wake up one morning and there's, you know, news trucks and reporters outside of my house".

Daniels has consented to a few interview since the news broke, but has not addressed direct questions about reports of her tryst with Trump.

It's so tempting to join in and continue to roast the POTUS just for the inane things he's said throughout his first year in office but sticking to the fence at this moment I do believe I'll leave that to those who are a little more vocal than I and don't worry about tact.

By the time she's asked again about Lake Tahoe and the picture of herself and Trump meeting, Daniels has regained control over her features and merely gives another brief nod, this time paired with a blank stare. Here's what she said!

Melania spends nights in hotel in Washington D.C. after reports of her husband’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels
Melania spends nights in hotel in Washington D.C. after reports of her husband’s affair with porn star Stormy Daniels

Asked whether she had any "relationship" with Trump, Daniels said, "Well, I think it's common - you know, by looking at photos that I've met him".

When asked if she'd had the affair, she blatantly refused to answer.

Clifford admitted, however, that she had indeed met Trump.

Capozzi isn't sure if Daniels' schedule will have her coming to NY, though if she does visit, she won't be an easy act to catch. Cecily, as Stormy, told Colin Jost that she was the hero we "deserve right now". She went on to say, "Like that I've met or dated this person or that person and I've never even heard of that person". "Did I giggle? Yes".

"Do you have a magic wand?"

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