PM Strikes Digital Health Care Deal in Davos

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a previous meeting, in June 2016 in Moscow.

But Netanyahu's government downplayed New Delhi's vote at the United Nations before his six-day visit, and in India he appeared to salvage the missile deal in direct discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reportedly agreed to buy a reduced number of Spike missiles.

Crotia and Israeli are determined to step up their economic cooperation, particularly in agriculture, as well as Mediterranean cooperation, Plenkovic was quoted as saying in the statement issued after he met with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday. He noted that he intends to send a delegation to Israel soon in order to evaluate possibilities for investment and cooperation, according to a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office.

Netanyahu spoke of the changing Middle East and the opportunity those changes are creating.

DOJ tells Nunes release of memo would be 'reckless'
This week, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd - a political appointee - sent off a letter to the conspiracy addicted Rep. The "secret memo" was written by staffers for Republican Devin Nunes , the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

The website notes that Israel and Croatia have had diplomatic relations for more than 20 years but so far trade relations have only focused on mutual tourism and some R&D projects in the chemicals, optical and other sectors.

US President Donald Trump has given the deal "one last chance" before reinstating economic sanctions against Iran lifted by the Obama administration.

While the two agreed to disagree on how to go about altering the deal, he said she "understood" it threatens Israel's "very existence", Israel's YNet news reported.

He clarified Israel's commitment to prevent this nuclearization and reiterated his opinion that it is necessary to deal with the flaws in the agreement.