Senate vote to end government shutdown delayed until Monday at noon

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The next step is for the Senate to vote on a final measure to fund the government through February 8, passage of which would end the shutdown at three days and just one day into the start of the work week. On Monday the closure of many federal services will be felt around the country and hundreds of thousands of federal staff face unpaid leave.

Democrats have rejected any stopgap spending bill that does not including a renewal of protections for people brought to the United States illegally as children, a group collectively known as "Dreamers". There is a broad consensus, on both sides of the aisle, that DACA and other issues related to illegal immigration require a compromise solution.Bipartisan, bicameral negotiations have been underway for months. But even there, GOP leaders are working with a thin margin. Democrats blocked the spending bill last Friday, demanding a commitment on DACA beneficiaries who include an estimated 8,000 Indians. "The great deal-making president sat on the sidelines", Schumer said.

Ahead of the vote to end debate, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., warned McConnell to keep his word. Those sources say at least three Democratic senators who were no before plan to vote yes.

The announcement comes after Democrats and Republicans once again failed to come to an agreement on a spending bill concerning key issues like immigration and health care.

"I am happy to continue my discussion with the majority leader about reopening the government".

Can House Speaker Paul Ryan get 218 Republican votes for a short-term funding bill, with the expectation that Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi holds her caucus unified against it?

If final passage is approved in the Senate, the House will have to vote on the proposal.

Lawmakers are scrambling to find a way to end the shutdown before it causes their constituents too much pain. The National Zoo, which is part of the Smithsonian, also remained open on Monday.

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Funding for federal agencies ran out at midnight on Friday, and was not renewed amid a dispute between Trump and Democrats over the politically acrimonious issue of immiUS Congress votes to avert shutdown, sends Trump stopgap spending Bill gration. The proposal, presented by Senators Dick Durbin, a Democrat, and Lindsey Graham, a Republican, during an Oval Office meeting with a group of lawmakers, combined border security and immigration-law changes - sought mainly by Republicans - with a measure to permanently shield an estimated 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the children from deportation.

A U.S. government shutdown will enter its third day on Monday as Senate negotiators failed to reach agreement late on Sunday to restore federal spending authority and deal with demands from Democrats that young "Dreamers" be protected from deportation. Obama tried to introduce the measure through legislation, called the Dreamer Act, but when this failed he resorted to Executive Order.

Mulvaney offered that another way to end the shutdown, from their point of view, would be for enough Democrats to cross the aisle and give the GOP the votes it needs to restore funding.

During his speech early Sunday afternoon, McConnell said Democratic demands on permanent protections for DACA recipients were not an emergency given that the program is not set to expire until March.

It was rescinded by President Trump in September, and he instructed Congress to deal with it legislatively. "To the Democratic leader, apparently they sound like hostages ripe for the takinUS House passes short-term spending Bill; Senate fight erupts g".

While there were no signs of an immediate breakthrough, an emerging agreement appeared to involve ending the deadlock in return for a promise by majority Republicans to deal with Democrats' immigration concerns in coming weeks.

It had forced Trump to cancel a planned weekend trip to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida and created uncertainty around his scheduled trip this week to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.