'Monster Hunter: World' Review Roundup: Biggest Game in the Series Yet

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Newegg now has a deal on Xbox One X where the retailer is selling the system for its regular price of $500 with a free copy of Monster Hunter World.

Taking down those monsters, again and again, is just the part of the game in order to craft weapons and accessories that you require. The one thing that gets players coming back to the franchise, the unending cycle of killing monsters, looting, upgrading, and killing some more, is still there and as good as ever, as Gamespot's Ginny Woo points out.

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Monster Hunter: World goes on sale on Friday on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and as you might have guessed revolves around the idea of hunting down monsters and crafting new tools from those you catch. Shooting a flare is easy too. Either chat to the handler or head to your nearest quest board and interact with it. However, even in single player you are not alone as you can bring along your AI companion, a Palico - essentially a cat with excellent fighting skills! By keeping an eye on investigations in the Resource Center, it's possible to find very lucrative quests (such as killing 10 basic creatures in exchange for 10,000 Zenny). While you must choose one squad as your active squad, having the choice to join different groups of friends or communities is a nice touch. Open up the quest board interface, and you'll see an Online Session option. You can use filters to specify a particular quest you want to join. There are also quality-of-life improvements like scoutflies that reduce the hassle of tracking a monster-something that's particularly helpful given World's larger environments.

Monster Hunter: World is available in three editions: Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's.