Destiny 2's first big update of 2018 looks to fulfill players' requests

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We invited Senior Designer Daniel Auchenpaugh to tell you more about what we're changing with rewards starting with next week's Raids.

Control will be the name of the game in Iron Banner this time around, with the event scheduled to run from 30th January until 6th February, and for your efforts there's a new Shotgun, Scout Rifle, Hand Cannon, Sparrow, Ghost Shell, new ornaments, Armour Masterworks and an unrevealed Iron Banner ship being left by Bungie for you to discover for yourself.

While Destiny 2 was a step forward over its predecessor in many aspects, one system felt like it took two steps back. Raid armor now drops with perks that work while you're on Leviathan, taking the form of reusable mods. Bungie promised that "there will definitely be Season 2 weapons in the Iron Banner engram", along with weapons from the first season that players may have missed.

In addition, players would now be able to buy Iron Banner gear directly using the tokens. Players will also be able to win Iron Banner rewards by completing the challenge.

Essentially, Bungie is addressing player complaints one at a time, in hopes of making the game better. As each shader is an individual item, it triggers an individual reward bundle (ie. the glimmer, shards, or Bright Dust you obtain for discarding them).

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The Destiny 2 January update is also bringing Armor Masterworks, meaning all Legendary armor will now get a chance to drop as a Masterwork. Like Masterwork Weapons, players will have a higher chance to acquire Masterwork Armor from Trials of the Nine and Raids. While using a Super, the Armor adds 3% damage resistance, and this can be extended to 15% with the use of a full set of Masterwork armor. Players can rework Masterwork Armor into any stat combination players like.

Bungie noted that these are only the beginning of the raid changes coming.

Going ahead, Bungie is planning to add more benefits to Masterwork armor, a move that will surely be welcomed by the players. Raid encounters will always drop a raid piece, and clearing Prestige will grant both Prestige and Normal mode drops. Presumably, this will not include a new piece of raid loot, a Ghost shell called the Contender's Shell, which can drop from the boss fight in the raid or the raid lair.

Drop tables for all encounters have been unified, so specific raid pieces aren't tied to specific encounters anymore, and every encounter will have a chance to drop an identified, ready to equip, exotic. "It doesn't actually perform the rework function or use your materials, but can be quite scary, so we wanted to give you a heads up".

First, Seeker of Brilliance enables the chance for encounters to drop Bright Engrams from their loot pools. This Ghost can drop from the final encounter in either Leviathan or Eater of Worlds.