Apple HomePod Preorders Available Now

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The curved edges and mesh finish make the device striking in both the white and space grey finishes. The trick, Apple says, is the combination of "optimized power management features", such as dropping into low-power mode after 8 minutes of inactivity, and a high-efficiency power supply. The bass notes on songs like Gregory Porter's Holding On and Ariana Grande's Side by Side were deep and resonant.

In a blog post Tuesday, Sonos knocked the shortcomings of Apple's HomePod. We'll keep you updated.

It certainly seemed to be every inch a high quality experience.

"Fortunately, HomePod also delivers where it counts: The sound".

Amazon Echo devices and the Google Home works with multiple music streaming platform. But it's not just Alexa that Sonos supports, Sonos is committed to bringing Google Assistant support to the device sometime soon 2018. But how well Siri is integrated and how useful it is to control the speaker is likely to be the deciding factor for many would-be customers.

Apple's HomePod smart speaker is now available for pre-order from the Apple Store. These standards include around 115V in the United States and Canada, around 230V in most other countries, and 100V in Japan.

Apple's HomePods in white and space grey are going on sale in December
Apple’s HomePods in white and space grey are going on sale in December

The music lovers who will benefit most from HomePod of course will be Apple Music subscribers.

Granted, that list is growing nicely, but it's still nowhere as long as the number of accessories that play nicely with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant.

So how is the cable cord attached to the HomePod smart speaker? "It brings advanced audio technologies like beam-forming tweeters, a high-excursion woofer and automatic spatial awareness, together with the entire Apple Music catalogue and the latest Siri intelligence, in a simple, lovely design that is so much fun to use", said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

HomePod, like the Home Max, uses sound waves to map the room and adjusts its playback accordingly. The speaker will have Apple's connected home software built in, meaning it will be compatible with the light bulbs, thermostats and other devices that already work with your iPhone.

In some of the pictures of HomePod from Apple, it can be seen that the HomePod featured an attached cable on the inside of the smart speaker.

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