The NBA Wants Sports Betting To Be Legalize Nationwide

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During the hearing of the Senate Racing, Wagering, and Gaming Committee, three representatives of the state's Thoroughbred industry told committee members that they support the legalization of sports gambling provided the legislature allows racing facilities to accept sports bets. That would increase the amount of wagering and, in turn, create more revenue for the league under its desired plan.

"We have studied these issues at length", Spillane said in his statement to lawmakers.

The state of New Jersey also has a case before the United States Supreme Court that could see sports betting legalized at its casinos and racetracks.

The Supreme Court decision is expected no later than June.

House Bill 2533, which was introduced by the Committee on Federal and State Affairs authorises "Any sports gambling authorized by the Kansas lottery in accordance with this act shall be conducted exclusively on the premises of a racetrack gaming facility and shall be managed and operated by one or more racetrack gaming facility managers".

There remain several legal questions regarding how the state would need to go forward to legalize sports wagering, including disagreements on whether the state's constitution would need to be amended. When the numbers come in for 2017, they could be over $5 billion for the first time.

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The NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and NCAA have spent millions in legal fees fighting. But with the National Basketball Association as the tip of the spear, the leagues could be preparing to flip their positions and begin to fight instead what could be a costly lobbying effort to get gambling laws they want. The gambling industry in Nevada and other states in which it's legal is already a multi-billion dollar industry. "We can not sit on the sidelines while this activity is occurring".

The NBA says it wants any sports-betting law to include measures meant to flag any unusual or potentially corrupt activity.

According to Freeman, a 1 percent integrity fee on betting operators amounts to the same as a 20-29 percent on its total revenue, which could possibly affect bookies' ability to offer fair odds. Notably, one of the points suggests that the legislation should "recognize that sports leagues provide the foundation for sports betting while bearing the risks that sports betting imposes".

Having studied the subject matter for a number of years, the NBA's governance seeks to act on the front foot with regards to developing USA betting standards and policy.

The NBA and Major League Baseball have discussed with IN lawmakers to insert a one percent "integrity fee" into a sports gambling fee. Patrick Everson, who writes about the Las Vegas sportsbook scene and sports gambling for, broke down just how much that 1 percent fee could eat into bookmakers' profits on Thursday afternoon.