Landrieu leads boycott of White House meeting over sanctuary cities letter

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The White House called the boycott a political stunt.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former White House chief of staff under President Barack Obama, suggested that Trump was intentionally using the contentious immigration issue to create a distraction.

"I can't ever recall a situation where someone who professes to want to work with other people punches them in the face first and says, 'Now I'd like to talk to you, ' " said Mitch Landrieu, the mayor of New Orleans and president of the mayors conference.

"Denver doesn't violate federal law, and we won't be intimidated".

The tax overhaul also capped the state and local income and property tax deduction at $10,000, which could harm New York City residents who pay high property taxes. "That said, I understand and respect my fellow mayors who chose not to attend the meeting".

"It would have been nice for all of the mayors to have the opportunity to hear what the president had to say and to ask questions of the agency heads", he said. This is a myth, and it's pure politics.

The department has repeatedly threatened to deny millions of dollars in important grant money to communities that refuse to comply with a federal statute requiring information-sharing with federal authorities, as part of the Trump administration's promised crackdown on cities and states that refuse to help enforce USA immigration laws. The organization formally canceled the meeting in response to the Justice Department's action, though some of the mayors, in Washington DC for their annual meeting, did meet with the president.

"My administration is committed to protecting innocent Americans and the mayors who choose to boycott this event have put the needs of criminal, illegal immigrants over law-abiding Americans".

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Part of their agenda was to meet with President Trump to discuss infrastructure spending and the opioid crisis.

"This is about the basic requirements to simply communicate with federal law enforcement authorities over at ICE regarding the immigration status of those who are already in their custody", a senior Justice Department official said.

Sanctuary states and cities refer to some US states and cities, which are applying a policy that limits their cooperation with federal government on enforcement of immigration law. "But. if we have a country with no laws, then nothing matters". Uh oh. Can't be a sanctuary city person.

"We work very closely with our federal partners", Faulconer, a Republican, told 10 News previous year.

The department is asking for documentation that police and sheriff's deputies are sharing information with federal immigration agents, specifically when asked for information about undocumented migrants in local jails.

At a later press conference, de Blasio said he felt the timing of the DOJ letter and the mayor's meeting "was a charade" and that he came to Washington to "have a serious meeting".

Also, Gustafson said, Faulconer co-chaired a panel on homeless issues, with a specific focus on veteran homelessness.