Smartphone Battery Explodes After Man Tries Biting It For Some Reason

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Fortunately, nobody was harmed in this incident, according to several Taiwanese news outlets.

Last Friday, Taiwan News revealed that a customer was looking for a replacement battery for his smartphone in an electronics store, and when he found it, he strangely chose to bite the battery.

While it's true that faulty and counterfeit lithium-ion batteries may sometimes explode or simply overheat, this man's method of testing the battery was pretty suspect, as we won't know whether the battery exploded because it's fake or because he damaged it with his teeth.

There has been an influx of iPhone customers wanting to replace their batteries after Apple announced that it was throttling iPhone performance and lowering the price of its battery replacement to $29 for 2018. Amazingly, no injuries were reported.

Apparently nobody was hurt and the video - CCTV footage posted to - is nearing five million views.

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Mishandling a smartphone battery is never a good idea. Technology analysts are unsure if the battery exploded because it was manufactured by a third-party company instead of Apple, or because the customer bit it.

Lithium-ion batteries are, of course, known for not being the most stable things around.

So, yes. You should not bite smartphone batteries.

It is uncertain if the quality of the battery had anything to do with the explosion or if it was just the pressure.

Chew on this: A man in China decides he needs to verify if a smartphone battery is legit ― so he bites it?!?!?