NTSB Gathers Information on Tesla Autopilot Crash with Fire Engine

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Tesla hasn't confirmed whether the vehicle was on autopilot as the driver claims, but a representative told SFGate that "autopilot is intended for use only with a fully attentive driver".

The highway patrol, seemingly unimpressed, arrested the unnamed driver, charged him with suspicion of driving under the influence, and towed his auto, noting on Twitter that "no it didn't drive itself to the tow yard". KRON, the Bay Area News Network, reports that police say the suspect's blood alcohol content (BAC) was over twice the legal limit, presumably based upon their measurement of that BAC.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said on Tuesday it was sending two investigators to examine the crash of a Tesla Inc vehicle apparently traveling in semi-autonomous mode and a fire truck in California.

As much as brilliant mind Elon Musk wants to better out future, one thing I know for certain is that I would rather always be the one handling my auto and not leave it up to "autopilot".

"Driver explained Tesla had been set on autopilot", the post continued.

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But Tesla drivers don't always seem to get that message.

"Autopilot is intended for use only with a fully attentive driver", a Tesla spokesperson told The Washington Post. The company did not confirm that autopilot had actually been used by the driver.

"These systems require the driver to pay attention all the time and to be able to take over immediately when something goes wrong", Robert L. Sumwalt III, the chairman of the NTSB, said at the time.

This article has been updated to reflect communication with Tesla.