Ferrari Announces Plans To Build Their Own Electric Supercar

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"While the Italian carmaker equips some cars with hybrid technology, Marchionne once called the idea of a completely electric Ferrari ".

It created a benchmark for future supercars, especially electric ones, and now Ferrari wants to try to beat Tesla at its own game.

So, essentially, this auto is being built for the Elon Musks of the world.

Now, ahead of a new Ferrari "Plan" to be revealed in the first half of this year, Marchionne has declared that the Ferrari SUV will arrive by late 2019 or early 2020 and will be the fastest SUV on the market.

Besides, now that Lamborghini is also working on an electric supercar, Ferrari can't possibly let their rival succeed without a fight. "I'm not trying to minimize what Elon did but I think it's doable by all of us".

Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne has promised an electric supercar, which will challenge Tesla's sports auto, the Roadster.

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Of course, it's hard not to notice that Marchionne's words here sound vague as possible.

It's actually a huge turnaround by Marchionne and the Italian supercar brand as only two years ago the CEO said that a Ferrari without an internal combustion engine would be what he described as, "an nearly obscene concept". However, in most of the auto shows the proclamation of electric vehicle manufacturing is greater than the actual work done in this regard.

It may serve Ferrari well to ensure that their electric cars are definitely (and literally) up to speed before offering them commercially, as well as making sure that there's enough of an interest among their standard customer base.

That said, the writing is on the wall for traditional gasoline-powered automobiles.

Forget about the next-gen Roadster or even the original Roadster, which came out in 2008 and some considered a supercar, but there have been plenty of electric supercars since, like Rimac's Concept_One, Nio's EP9, and others.

Anyway, it's nice to see Marchionne finally feeling some pressure to make electric cars.