Drugged driver crashes auto into second story of California building, officials say

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Authorities say two people escaped serious injuries when the vehicle they were in went airborne and slammed into the second floor of a Southern California dental office.

The other individual had already gotten out of the vehicle, which was lodged into the side of an office building in Santa Ana. Both victims were safely removed from the auto with minor injuries.

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"The driver, who admitted to using narcotics, will be admitted to a local hospital for observation", police said. One person still trapped inside the vehicle.

The driver struck a raised center median on 17th Street, launching the auto into the air.

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Police say the driver was speeding and hit a center median before the auto became airborne and landed up in the office. One person was able to get out of the auto themselves, another person had to be rescued by firefighters.

Firefighters said there were two people inside the vehicle.

LA County Fire removed the vehicle from the structure following an assessment of the integrity of the structure by Public Works.

The auto started a small fire which was quickly extinguished.

The auto then penetrated the 2nd floor window of a dentist's office, getting partially stuck inside the building before catching fire.