Governor Cooper talks to interior secretary about offshore drilling

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Kate Brown's (D) office said Friday that Interior Secretary Zinke is considering exempting her state from the Trump administration's proposed offshore drilling plan. In addition to Florida, the states of Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, California, Oregon, and Washington have all opposed this plan for new leases off their coasts.

Democrats said Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke were being hypocritical by agreeing to a request by Florida's Republican governor to withdraw from the drilling plan, but not making the same accommodation to states with Democratic governors.

"Regarding the offshore drilling ban, Gov".

By contrast, the governors of California, Oregon and Washington told Interior they "strongly oppose any new leasing" off their coasts and asked to be removed from the plan. The governor's spokesman said the secretary agreed to visit the state as part of his consideration.

Brown, in an interview with CNN earlier this week, noted that Oregon's 362-mile (583-kilometer) coastline have been publicly accessible for over 100 years and are important to the state's economy, with 22,000 jobs on the coast.

Like Florida, California and other coastal states "rely on our attractive coasts for tourism and our economy", Lieu said, adding that he believes courts will strike down the drilling plan.

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"We urge you to honor the commitment of this Administration by listening to the local and state voices that we represent and to respect their overwhelming opposition to oil and gas drilling off our coasts".

Rick Scott voiced opposition soon after the plan's January 4 release, a letter submitted by the state Department of Environmental Protection previous year did not oppose the drilling plan or ask for Florida to be exempted.

Republican is among those opposing the Trump administration's plan to vastly expand offshore drilling from the Atlantic to the oceans.

In a letter sent to Secretary Zinke on Thursday, U.S. Senator Kamala.

Zinke said after a brief meeting with Gov. Rick Scott, R-Fla., at the Tallahassee airport Tuesday that drilling in Florida waters would be "off the table", despite a plan that proposed drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean off Florida.

Industry groups praised the announcement to drill offshore, while environmental groups denounced the plan, saying it would harm America's oceans, coastal economies, public health and marine life. The five-year plan would open 90 percent of the nation's offshore reserves to development by private companies.