Health Department confirms 8 more flu deaths in Iowa

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Usually, cases of death are linked to elderly people who often have underlying chronic conditions. The review included people over the age of 65, McDowell said.

In one indicator of a worsening season, the CDC reported seven pediatric flu deaths. The deaths have occurred in all regions of the state and the average age was 85. "Getting vaccinated now will still offer protection from serious disease, hospitalization and death for most of the flu season".

Protecting their older populations is something at front of mind for places like Western Home Communities in Cedar Falls. On a map of the United States tracking flu activity, "this is the first year that we have had the entire continental the same color", he noted. The strain tends to hit younger and older people harder than others.

Depending on the situation visitors may be polity asked to leave or have to wear a mask while there. Since those protocols were put into place, Bowman said no new cases were reported in Windhaven.

"At this time, it's the best tool we have", Ferrer said.

"Every year, there are still a number of people that die from flu, and they can be healthy individuals", said Dr. Quan.

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"It's the simple thing", they said - like washing your hands, covering your mouth, getting a flu shot - that can help stop the spread of the flu.

Jernigan and CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald attribute the high flu activity to the prevalence of the H3N2 flu, this year's most common form of flu.

WATERLOO - What a difference one week makes.

Denise Werker, Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer, says those who have yet to get the flu shot should do so. H3N2 also mutates quickly, so the "reference strain" included in the flu shot may differ slightly from the H3N2 strain that shows up during flu season, lowering the vaccine's effectiveness. A co-worker of mine g...

Dr. Zeeshan Shaikh of Southwest Urgent and Family Care said this is the worst flu season he's ever seen and blames it on a number of different reasons.

Symptoms of the flu vary but can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. The flu should typically last about 5 to 10 days with symptoms starting to get better as the week goes on.