Skype is testing end-to-end encryption conversation

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That changes today for Skype Insiders, who now have access to end-to-end encryption via the new Private Conversations feature. Full encryption covers audio messages, text chat and files but is not implemented for standard audio and video calling. The content of these conversations will be hidden in the chat list as well as in notifications to keep the information you share private. Signal Protocol powers end-to-end encryption in Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger, as well as Google Allo.

Skype is the latest messaging service to jump onto the end-to-end encryption bandwagon. Select End Conversation. If you want to start another Private Conversation with this person, you will need to send a new invitation. End-to-end encryption means that the communication channel is secure and the messages stored on servers can only be read by those involved in the communications, via a decryption key stored on the device, as opposed to being stored on a remote server.

One of the best features of WhatsApp has been its end-to-end encryption since day one.

To try it out, Microsoft recommends that you simply select "New Private Conversation" from the app's Compose menu or from the recipient's profile. If your contact failed to accept the invite by then, it will expire, and you will have to send another invite to initiate a Private Conversation.

Bear in mind that only a single device can be used with each conversation, the post said.

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Deleting a Skype Private Conversation chat window works the same as any other regular chat; right click on desktop/ tap and hold on mobile will display the Delete Chat option. The feature is not supported in group chats.

Alas, the UWP version of Skype, distributed on the Microsoft Store, is left out for now.

The concern here for me is the fact that the feature is an opt-in one-you will have to enable it to have your conversation encrypted.

Private Conversations are specific to a device. Having to do this every time on Skype would be more of headache than feature.