Ivey issues public health emergency — FLU CASES SPIKE

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One of the strains of flu doing the rounds this winter is H3N2. It was the 11th leading cause of death in the state in 2016.

"It's relatively mild but there can be more serious cases".

If residents start to feel the symptoms of the flu - congestion, nausea, runny nose, etc - Andrews encouraged them to stay home from work or school to avoid spreading the virus.

"Even when there is a good match between the influenza strains that circulate and those that are used in the vaccine, there is a difference in its effectiveness", Werker explained.

Although it does not cover this strain, the advice is to still get the flu vaccine for the best protection.

Their "worst case scenario" death toll emerged as the current flu outbreak engulfed every region of the country.

So what is "Aussie Flu"?

"Two years ago, at this point in time, by the first part of January, we only had one hospitalized case, last year we had around 70 hospitalized cases", said Lynn Procell, Director of the Community Health Division, Pueblo City-County Health Department.

If you do get the flu, it's prudent to see a doctor within 48 hours, according to Berg.

The flu could hit Pennsylvania hard the next three months.

Across the country in DE, the Division of Public Health (DPH) says lab-confirmed cases of influenza in DE have increased significantly over the last few weeks.

"We need to be prepared, alert and flexible".

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Across town on Sunday, Methodist Dallas Medical Center rerouted non-emergency ambulance patients to different area facilities in order to take care of "emergency patients like trauma, stroke, and sexual assault" due to the lack of bed availability from flu patients. "Our top goal is to treat all patients in a safe and appropriate manner, and our teams are doing their best to minimize any impact on our patients", said UNC Health Care/UNC REX Healthcare spokesperson Alan Wolf.

"You get a benefit within about two weeks", Garcia said.

The NHS also advises seeking medical attention if you develop chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or begin coughing up blood as well as if symptoms are not improving after a week.

The flu pandemic clock is ticking: Are we ready?

"For the H1N1, which was a pandemic virus, there was a shift".

An estimated 500 million people across the globe were caught the illness.

The HSE said that officially the number of deaths from flu is still "under ten" but it will take time to determine the real toll the virus has had on patients.

How to help prevent the spread of flu at your home. IV BAG SHORTAGE ADDS TO CHALLENGESHospitals are scrambling to fight another problem while also treating the flu.

Influenza is now classified as "widespread" in both Iowa and Minnesota.

The prominent strain in this year's flu season was H3N2.

What is the difference between the flu and the common cold?