The Overwatch League will be broadcast on Twitch

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Weekly schedules are displayed in the new Overwatch League tab in-game.

Unfortunately, these new skins mean I'll have to be repping my home Overwatch League team, San Francisco Shock, even with its ghastly bright orange palette.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It takes 100 Tokens to purchase a skin, and tokens run from $4.99 or your regional equivalent for 100 Tokens up to $99.99 for 2,600 tokens (enough to buy an entire team's skins for every hero in the game). In addition to the free tokens, all players have been given 13 new sprays consisting of the twelve team logos and the Overwatch League logo. In total that's a whopping 312 skins to start the season.

See the team skins for all 12 city-based franchises.

Debra Messing and more back Catt Sadler
The host said she agreed before turning the conversation back to the Time's Up initiative . I miss Catt Sadler .so we stand with her and that's something that can change tomorrow.

Fans of professional Overwatch have been eagerly anticipating a seamless Overwatch League viewing experience. The first season gets underway tomorrow.

According to Blizzard's announcement, Twitch is set to broadcast each and every Overwatch League match live over the course of the league's first two seasons in English, French, and Korean, with this two-year deal for exclusive broadcast rights including playoffs and championship matches.

The deal will also feature a number of in-game item exclusives and rewards for fans using the Twitch platform. "That's why this historic and ground-breaking partnership is perfectly suited for Activision Blizzard, for Twitch, and-most importantly-for our growing global fanbase". After all, Overwatch already has an existing player count of more than 35 million worldwide, and with the game's third-party stream going to Twitch's viewership-which boasts an audience bigger than HBO or Netflix-there's definitely some major potential for the team-based shooter to push eSports toward universal appeal. "Given Overwatch's consistent reign as a top viewed game by our community, we look forward to offering their pioneering style of league play to a large and passionate fanbase that will be able to bond over not only their favorite plays, but hometown pride". Among those, the Los Angeles Valiant announced on Tuesday that it will compete at the Microsoft Theater in LA Live starting in Season 3, which is owned by one of its investor groups, Anschutz Entertainment Group.