SpaceX dazzles with first launch of the year

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And SpaceX's launch last May of a spy satellite was disclosed as a mission for the National Reconnaissance Office, even though the NRO was concerned enough about secrecy to request that SpaceX cut off launch coverage 2 minutes and 48 seconds after liftoff. The launch window opens at 8 p.m.

A reason for the most recent delay was not given, reports Florida Today.

After the satellite was deployed in orbit, the site says, the firm was able to return the main booster stage of the rocket back to Earth.

Zuma is a USA government payload delivered by Northrop Gruman, but its goal is classified.

GoPro announces layoffs and end of drone business
GoPro's shares recovered somewhat after the news of the possible sale, down 11.30% to $6.67 in mid-day trading on Monday. GoPro shares are also down by 75 percent from their $24-a-share price when the company went public in June 2014.

Following separation of the rocket's two-stage configuration, its first stage will attempt to land at the aerospace company's Landing Zone 1, which is also located at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. SpaceX has also flown other sensitive cargo for the US, including the Air Force's X-37B spaceplane.

SpaceX is kicking off the New Year with a long list of launches on its manifest.

Sometime early this year, the Falcon Heavy is set to launch a Arabsat satellite built by Lockheed.

The Falcon heavy, capable of carrying a payload of more than 54 tons, will set off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.