Our Cartoon President Trailer Spoofs Trump's TV Addiction, Fox & Friends, & More

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Among some of the characters that will appear alongside Trump in the show is of course First Lady Melania, as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Senator Ted Cruz, First Daughter Ivanka and the president's sons Donald Jr. and Eric - whom Stephen's fellow executive producer R.J. Fried described as their "Beavis and Butthead". (Showtime only presented a trailer and a one-minute message from the cartoon president in which he called TV critics "losers.") Animation is a slow process and it seems implausible that an animated show could possibly match the hectic pace of Trump news.

The trailer comedically bills Our Cartoon President as "the highest rated show of all time", and covers numerous well-known players in the Trump administration.

Showtime will stream an episode on January 28 that features the cartoon Trump preparing to deliver his State of the Union address.

He's an executive producer of yet another entry into the ever-expanding arena of Trump mockery. I guess if there's one thing uniformly true about this country, it's that we nearly never seem to learn from our mistakes, and even in the hands of the brilliant minds behind The Late Show, some things just don't seem likely to change anytime soon. In 2017 "Late Show" has passed the less-topical "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon" in the ratings.

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"The great thing about the Trump administration is, everything you imagine?"

Probably the most shocking thing about "The Late Show" host's newest project is how similar it is to real life; far from it being an exaggerated parody of politics, it turns out a lot of their comedic assumptions were right. "It's about what's going on behind the doors of the most important house in the world". His fodder is the odd way that Trump communicates.

He went on to explain that as a comedian trading in Trump mockery he has a very particular role.