CES: LG to showoff 65-inch rollable OLED display

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"LG Display is all about innovative products that provide new value to customers", says Dr Sang-Beom Han, the CEO of LG's display division.

LG Display had brought up the foldable OLED display quite some time back and that 18-inch display could be literally rolled up like a newspaper. It rolled up to a radius of 3cm without affecting the function of the display. LG will in any case reveal more details when they open their booth at CES 2018 later in the week.

That said, tech firms have sporadically showcased flexible and rollable displays at such tech conferences over the years.

The panel also boasts an Ultra HD display resolution, so you could use it to watch 4K TV shows and movies.

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The objective of this huge rollable UHD TV screen is yet to be known, the company claims that "It can be rolled up and hidden when not in use, and the small size of the rolled-up screen means that it can be more easily moved and stored, allowing for better space utilisation, something existing displays can't deliver". Questions like "when" and "how much" are for another day, however - for now, LG is just content to show that it has the technology, and it seems to work. But it's most likely to be a prototype as well.

The 18-inch flexible display has now massively scaled up to 65-inch and upgraded to a 4K resolution.

In small-sized displays, Samsung and LG's position is reversed as the former controls over 90 percent of the market in OLED display for smartphones. In the intervening two years, LG certainly seems to have made big strides.

Like the 88-inch 8K OLED that LG is showing off, this 65-inch rollaway model is merely a prototype, and LG has not announced any plans to sell a commercial variant.