Celebrities Are Safe, Luv Tyagi Bids Adieu To The Show

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On a related note, Bigg Boss 11 is moving towards its grand finale. Puneesh hears this and suggests to Shilpa that she speak in Marathi when interacting with people at the mall. Akash loses both the rounds and Puneesh wins the Sultani Akhada. Late at night, the contestants wonder who will be evicted. The living area of the Bigg Boss house was turned into a museum where monuments and artefacts worth (fake) Rs 25 lakh were placed.

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"I have lots of money". While Puneesh gets 55% votes, Hina gets 79% votes. Shilpa defended herself saying that she always gives her 100% to a task, a statement that Vikas and Hina opposed. Puneesh would represent commoner and Hina would represt celebs. Only two weeks left for its finale. With five contestants remaining, there is a definite chance of a mid-week elimination. Hina says that Shilpa will have an upper hand as she is a Maharastrian. In the last few moments of the task, Bigg Boss added a new twist and revealed that this task was a Nomination task and the top two are safe from eviction this week. During the polling session, one of the fans showed interest to take a selfie with Hina Khan and when she is posing for the picture, someone pulled at her hair. Luv who often found himself nominated and in the danger zone had an huge following in the outside world with fans saving him weeks after weeks. The show's ratings are high all thanks to its contestants as they sparked controversies with their words and actions.

Sidharth and Manoj then joined Salman Khan on stage. The four nominated contestants, who are visibly nervous, are called into the room and told to keep the ballot box on the dining table. Contestants were recently taken to Vashi's InOrbit Mall and the popularity of these contestants created a chaos there. This means that the nominated contestants will have to count the number of votes they have received and mention the count in a card and put it inside an envelope that contains their names.