Get this awesome Sandstone White OnePlus 5T while it's still available

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The white model joins the Midnight Black color option that has been available since the 5T's initial launch in November of past year.

The new model features a stark black logo and buttons to match, which contrast very well with the matte white chassis. As for pricing, it should be similar to other OnePlus 5T models of same configuration - CNY 3,499, or around $540.

Eagle-eyed observers will note that this version of the 5T is largely identical to the special edition Star Wars: The Last Jedi-branded model released in India in December, minus the Star Wars branding and wallpapers.

The white OnePlus 5T is strictly "until supplies last", although OnePlus hasn't given us any indication of just how numerous color variant it plans to produce. A striking red alert-slider is the finishing touch, using aluminum alloy polishing and an anode technology to achieve the red color.

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The device combines the Sandstone texture, which has become synonymous with OnePlus, and the crisp, bright white hue reminiscent of the OnePlus One Silk White. Sales start Tuesday, January 9 at 10:00 a.m. EST. Second, a white masking layer was coated onto the body to ensure a white opacity.

Color aside, the new model bring back the grippy sandstone texture so many people liked about the company's first devices a few years ago.

Pictures of the Sandstone White OnePlus 5T have appeared online on Chinese retailer JD, this is the new Sandstone color option for the handset and it will only be available with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Taking a total of 75 minutes per phone, these high-precision, low yield processes make the body of the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White the most expensive we have ever produced.