Mad Catz brand returns from the dead

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After filing for bankruptcy past year, third party peripheral maker Mad Catz has announced a surprise return. After gambling big on Rock Band 4 - both producing the peripherals for, and contributing to publishing duties - the company was forced to shed huge swathes of its workforce, and all but shut down following that announcement.

The website confirmed with longtime company spokesperson Alex Verrey that Mad Catz will come back this year, with next week's CES get-together set up as the revived company's coming-out party.

Mad Catz, the Mad Catz logo, R.A.T., S.T.R.I.K.E., F.R.E.Q. and G.L.I.D.E. are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mad Catz Global Limited.

The first new product to be shown off is a revival of Mad Catz' previous gaming mouse series, the R.A.T. AIR. Verrey says Mad Catz's return is thanks to a Chinese holding company that purchased its assets and branding. Mad Catz Global Limited is headquartered in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Mad Catz returns from the dead with a dangerous-looking wireless mouse
Mad Catz brand returns from the dead

Mad Catz Global Limited, the legendary brand, leading innovation in gaming hardware for nearly three decades, announced today a surprise return to the worldwide gaming scene. Mad Catz seem to be squaring up against Logitech's equivalent wireless charging PowerPlay mice and mats with this model. The company is back from the dead, with a new management team from those who ran the company before. Hopefully this means we will see a few more mad-cat mice designs in the near-future, and ideally the new bosses can lead the company down some new and intriguing avenues for their product design.

MarkMan provided his opinion on the return of Mad Catz to CNET, and you can read it below. As part of its reintroduction into the world, Mad Catz is showing off gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas later this month.

"We couldn't be more excited than to begin 2018 by announcing the return of Mad Catz to the global gaming arena". The director continued to state that "we're already working on delivering products which we believe will enhance gamers' abilities and do justice to the Mad Catz name". "This is why the new products continue the look and character of the old range so closely, these guys have many years of experience with the Mad Catz product line".

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