Patriots down Jets to secure home field advantage in playoffs

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The Patriots will play a conference semifinal at home.

The Steelers could not come close to winning in Foxborough in last season's AFC championship game. He was sacked twice, but it wasn't as if he needed to do a lot to keep his Patriots out in front of the Jets and guide them to an easy victory. Do the Jets even stand a chance against the Patriots today in their Week 17 season finale? And it's why Jets-Patriots on Sunday mattered quite a bit.

The Dolphins will also play the Cincinnati Bengals on the road, and they will play the Oakland Raiders in Miami for the second consecutive season.

Harrison played just 40 snaps in 14 games with Pittsburgh this season before being released. The Patriots could not block Von Miller and the Broncos' other pass rushers. That was a bitterly disappointing ending to a season for the Patriots amid their astounding run of sustained excellence.

Week 17 Ups and Downs: Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears
The Minnesota Vikings defense forces Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to make crucial mistake causing safety. Case Keenum threw for 189 yards, 65 going to Stefon Diggs and 61 to Adam Thielen, to go with a touchdown, caught by Diggs.

Brady completed 18 of his 37 pass attempts for 190 yards and two touchdowns to wrap up what could be an MVP season for the 18-year vet. Tight end Rob Gronkowski was healthy and on the field but all but absent from the offense, with no catches.

The Patriots' struggles did not matter, though, because the Jets were inept on offense and the defense made several crucial penalties to aid the Patriots.

Belichick used every opportunity to remind the Jets of those harsh conditions by putting thermometers in the Jets' tunnel for when they take the field along with courtesy thermometers behind the NY bench. They're the kings of the AFC East where they've dominated the division for what seems like forever now. When the Jets made a decision to extend head coach Todd Bowles for another two years, a plethora of players chimed their thoughts to the media.