'MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN' - Rainbow flag hung near Mike Pence's vacation home

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Vice President Mike Pence's Christmas vacation in Aspen was protested by the neighbors next to the private home in which he was staying. News of the trolling went viral, so much so that "Make America Gay Again" is now trending on Twitter. Later, the neighbors brought out chili and corn muffins for the law enforcement officers stuck in the cold.

"[The neighbor] was real sheepish and thought [they] might be confronted by the Secret Service or deputies who'd tell [them they] couldn't do it", DiSalvo told The Aspen Times.

"You couldn't miss it", Pitkin County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Buglione explained.

Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said when a man who lives in the home hung the banner, the Secret Service didn't stop him.

"We're not here to control your free speech rights", one of the agents said.

"They've been really nice to us", DiSalvo told The Aspen Times.

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The residents of the home did not respond to requests from the media asking for a comment about the "Make American Gay Again" banner.

Just how anti-LGBT is Mike Pence?

Prior to becoming vice president, then-Indiana Governor Pence signed a religious freedom bill into law in 2015, only to issue a clarification after the state was threatened with widespread boycotts over concerns the law discriminated against the LBGT community.

As governor of IN, IN 2015, Pence signed a bill called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that "essentially legalized discrimination against homosexuals by businesses IN the state", the New Yorker reported.

According to a New Yorker report in October, President Donald Trump joked that Pence wanted to "hang" all gay people in a meeting with a legal expert. The national uproar over the divisive bill, called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, prompted IN legislators to modify it by adding anti-discrimination protections. As a member of Congress, he supported "conversion therapy" and said gay marriage would signal "societal collapse".