Lesbian couple, two children found slain in upstate NY home

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Brandi Mells, 22; ans Stana Myers, 36, were found dead on Tues., Dec. 26, 2017 in their basement apartment in Troy, New York. Details about when and how the four were killed have not been released. Jeremiah Myers, 11 years old.

Myers' sister, Shakera Symes, had implored any potential witnesses to speak with authorities to find "the person who has destroyed us, emotionally, mentally", according to the Times Union.

A lesbian couple and their two children were killed in what police are calling a savage manner this week in their apartment in Troy, N.Y., near Albany.

The apartment building's property manager discovered the bodies Tuesday afternoon after being contacted by concerned family members who said the victims were not answering phone calls.

Police remain in the area while further investigations are carried out at the apartment and the surroundings.

A pastor says a woman and her two children among four people killed in an upstate NY basement apartment were much loved and respected in the neighborhood.

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"Until they catch whoever did this, there are certainly reasons to be fearful", Pastor Jackie Robinson Sr., of Oak Grove Baptist Church on Seventh Avenue in Troy, toild the Times Union. Shanta Myers (Mother to both children), 36 years old.

Police say Myers; her 5-year-old daughter, Shanise; and her 11-year-old son, Jeremiah, were found dead Tuesday. Brandi Mells, 22 years old.

"There's a lot of grieving that's going on, and it will continue to go on, but I think this will be a great opportunity for some closure for these families in the community", Monica Kurzejeski, deputy mayor of Troy, said at the news conference.

Police said Shanta Myers and Mells were in a relationship.

"I don't have to tell you how good it feels to have these two defendants in custody", Chief John Tedesco of the Troy Police Department said at a news conference Saturday. Police are now asking the public for any information they may have about the killings.

Police have not yet identified suspects in the case.