January 2018 Brings Super Moons, Blood Moon, Blue Moon

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A attractive supermoon will light up the sky on New Year's Day and shine as a beacon of hope for all the people who over-celebrated the night before.

The first supermoon of the year actually happens on New Year's Day.

Most months have just one full moon, because the twenty nine day cycle of the moon matches up pretty well with the length of calendar months.

But before that comes the Wolf Moon, the first "Supermoon" of 2018 when the moon appears bigger and brighter in the sky.

Most days the moon is almost 238,855 miles from Earth, but during the supermoon it will be approximately 223,068 miles away, according to NASA.

The January 31 supermoon is extra special this year, as it will also feature a total lunar eclipse.

Native Americans knew the full moon of January as the Wolf Moon, a time when wolves roamed the edges of the village in search of whatever food they might find.

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The eclipse of the moon will happen the evening of January 31 or the morning of February 1.

As NASA explains it: "The Moon will lose its brightness and take on an eerie, fainter-than-normal glow from the scant sunlight that makes its way through Earth's atmosphere".

Our expected superstar is the lunar eclipse which will take place on January 31. Since the Moon's orbital path is oval, one side is approximately 50,000 km far from the Earth.

'The supermoons are a great opportunity for people to start looking at the Moon, not just that once but every chance they have, ' said Noah Petro, a research scientist from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

The eclipse will cover the face of the moon, turning it dark, as the Earth blocks the light of the sun from the moon.

If "go big or go home" is your motto for ringing in the new year, you're in good company: The moon is showing up to the party too, treating skywatchers to several events in January.

However, this time around the blue moon will occur on the same night (or morning, depending on where you are) as a total lunar eclipse.