United States Embassy announces end to visa crisis with Turkey

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Based on several assurances given by Ankara, "the Department of State is confident that the security posture has improved sufficiently to allow the full resumption of visa services in Turkey", the US embassy statement said.

Shortly after the U.S. announcement, Ankara's embassy in Washington announced that Turkish missions in the United States will also resume full visa services for USA citizens matching the American move.

"In accordance with the principle of reciprocity, restrictions on visa services applied to American citizens have been lifted simultaneously", the Turkish embassy said in a statement.

Ankara assured the U.S. that in the future that Turkish authorities will notify Washington in advance about any possible detention/investigation of any U.S. embassy staff member in Turkey. We are also concerned about the cases against USA citizens who have been arrested under the state of emergency.

The call came after the resumption of respective visa services both in Turkey and the U.S. "USA officials will continue to engage with their Turkish counterparts to seek a satisfactory resolution to these cases", the statement added.

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Turkey, while announcing the end of restrictions on visas to United States citizens, took issue with the USA declaration.

USA officials said Thursday "serious concerns" remain about existing allegations against employees that were previously in Turkey.

But the department also says it still has concerns about existing allegations against local employees and against USA citizens arrested under the state of emergency. After the detention of Topuz, the U.S. chose to suspend the issuance of visas to Turkish citizens and in retaliation, Ankara adopted a similar decision with regard to American citizens.

Following this, the Embassy of Turkey in Washington announced the resumption of the process of issuing visas to United States citizens in response to a similar decision by the American side.