'Gaming Disorder' to be recognized as mental health condition for first time

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In the USA, 63 percent of households include at least one frequent gamer, according to 2016's Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry report.

"Disorders due to addictive behaviors are recognizable and clinically significant syndromes associated with distress or interference with personal functions that develop as a result of repetitive rewarding behaviors other than the use of dependence-producing substances", the gaming-relevant section states.

Another red flag is when someone chooses games over other interests in life and keeps playing despite negative consequences.

If you can't control how long you're playing video games, it could be a mental health problem. "The pattern of gaming behavior may be continuous or episodic and recurrent", the description of the disorder continued.

According to ABC, the update is not meant to suggest that anyone who plays video games is harboring a mental-health disorder. For nearly 30 years people's lifestyles have changed and that includes the growth of gaming in most people's lives. And a Canadian study found that playing Super Mario or other three-dimensional video games may help in preventing dementia.

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"Cat scan shows Erica suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest", the tweet said. Garner became an outspoken critic of police brutality following her father's death on Staten Island in 2014.

Both Ferguson and Przybylski acknowledge that some people overdo gaming at the expense of their health and sanity.

By adding "gaming disorder" to the ICD, WHO will make the health condition an official diagnosis that can be used by health care workers, including doctors, WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told CNN. This also may lead to an antisocial life and rage during playing, if you lose a game, and incapability to communicate with others outside your new environment.

"People do what they do to escape or avoid pain and we find that that's true with video games as well", Mental health counselor Bobbi Burks says.

Although it's rare, gamers have died during marathon gaming sessions, according to the Washington Post. It is the first time that the ICD has included an entry for gaming, placing it in the same category as the disorders related to drugs, alcohol and gambling.