Date horror story: Woman rips pricey Andy Warhol artwork from walls

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Police arrested Lindy Lou Layman, 29, of Dallas, on December 23 at the Houston home of Tony Buzbee, who cemented his reputation as one of Texas' most prominent trial lawyers by winning a $100 million federal jury verdict against BP in 2009 over chemical discharges.

Buzbee says the two returned to his home, but Layman turned out to be too drunk to continue their date, prompting his call for an Uber.

Lindy Lou Layman a 29 year old Dallas femme fatale woman has found herself in a spot of bother after 'allegedly' destroying at least $300,000 worth of sculptures and original paintings belonging to a well-known Texas trial lawyer.

Layman was released from jail on $30,000 bond, according to court records. That's when she allegedly poured red wine on his paintings and ripped them off the wall, then threw his sculptures on the ground. So, he called a second Uber driver, and Layman showed aggression toward that driver.

Two of the paintings were by Andy Warhol, KHOU reports.

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The newspaper reports Buzbee later disavowed the then-candidate after the behind-the-scenes Access Hollywood tape surfaced in which Trump could be heard talking about kissing and groping women.

According to a criminal complaint, damages were estimated to be circa $300k.

Layman, who is from Dallas, was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief. A LinkedIn page for Layman identifies her as a freelance court reporter.

Buzbee is a prominent lawyer who drove the guard in previous Texas Governor Rick Perry's mishandle of-energy case, which was later expelled. He made headlines the same year for parking a tank outside of his home, causing a brief fight with his homeowner's association.

Buzbee also has ties to the current president, once hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump in 2016.