Lorde cancels Israel show after pressure

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Lorde acknowledged the letter on Wednesday and said she was "considering all options".

The artist had been set to play at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre on 6/5, one of dozens of dates scheduled for her Melodrama world tour. Israeli concert organizers announced the cancellation Sunday night and said ticket sales would be refunded.

Grammy-award victor Lorde has canceled a planned concert in Israel following backlash over the Israeli government's treatment of Palestinians.

"Lorde, I'm hoping you can be a 'pure heroine, ' like the title of your first album", Regev said.

Since Lorde is from New Zealand, Dayenu: New Zealand Jews against the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and lives, weighed in, thanking Lorde for "a holiday miracle".

"We are deeply disappointed that Lorde has succumbed to a small but loud group of extremist bullies. But solutions come from engagement and lead to compromise, co-operation, and peace". "Those who advocate them are not interested in negotiations between the two sides to this conflict or a two-state solution", spokesperson for the Council, Juliet Moses, said.

The show's Israeli promoter, Eran Arielli, announced the cancelation on December 24 and apologized for raising the hopes of fans who wished to see the artist perform in Tel Aviv.

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She ended the statement with an apology and a hope that she could one day perform in Israel.

Concert organizer Eran Arielli apologized on Facebook to fans: "The truth is that I was naive to think that an artist of her age can withstand the pressure involved in coming to Israel". "The last thing she needs on her comeback tour is the army of globalist anti-Semites weighing down on her head".

Palestine's Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has declared another victory in the cultural boycott of Israel after New Zealand musician Lorde cancelled a forthcoming show in Tel Aviv.

"Playing there, performing there, would be seen to be breaking the boycott and so she will be seen to be supporting Israeli policy and that is something that we abhor".

"This reached much further than I imagined".

Lorde was contacted via an open letter by fellow New Zealanders Justine Sachs, who is Jewish, and Nadia Abu-Shanab, who is of Palestinian descent.