Top Miss America Leaders Resign Amid Email Scandal

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Some 49 former Miss Americas signed an open letter demanding the resignation of Mr Haskell, as well as the organisation's president and board chair. While the board approved Haskell's resignation, Randle and Weidner will remain in their positions for a transition period.

Gretchen Carlson - a pageant victor in 1989, a former board member of the Miss America Organization, and a former Fox journalist who sued Roger Ailes for sexual harassment and exposed a culture of terror at Fox News - was also regularly criticized and described as a "snake" and "INFUCKINGSANE".

Josh Randle tells The Associated Press his inappropriate response to an email about the appearance of 2013 Miss America Mallory Hagan came several months before he worked at the Miss America Organization, based in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The revelations caused Dick Clark Productions, their television sponsor, to cut ties with the long-standing pageant.

"If he doesn't leave, he's not putting the organization first", Miss America 2013 victor Mallory Hagan-who Haskell made inappropriate weight and sex-life related comments about-told the New York Daily News. The women of Miss America are determined to take back our program. The outgoing president apologized to Hagan nonetheless, and said the comment does not reflect his values or those of the Miss America Organization. "She has been part of Atlantic City's history since 1921, and she will always be part of our history".

Republican Sen. -elect Chris Brown, who represents the city as part of the Second Legislative District, said, "This is the right move for everyone involved including the image of Atlantic City, considering the pageant was created and thrived becoming synonymous with Atlantic City for nearly a century".

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Haskell was first suspended by the organization's board of directors on Friday after The Huffington Post published emails between Haskell and organization officials that referred to Miss America contestants in derogatory and crude terms.

By then, it was too little too late as the MAO moved swiftly to remove him, Weidner, and Randle. In the emails written by Haskell, the former CEO made lewd jokes about women from past competitions being "c-ts".

She also said pageant officials "told me which former Miss Americas I wasn't allowed to associate with or pose for photos with".

In an exchange with telecast lead writer Lewis Friedman, Haskell wrote, "Not a single day passes that I am not told some disgusting story about Mallory". She said the emails had derailed her career and negatively impacted her reputation.

"For the longest time, I've tried to explain to people around me that this is happening or these things are being said", the victor of the 2013 pageant told NBC. "I felt validated in my feelings for the last couple of years".