Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February

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Google will launch the Chrome browser's built-in ad-blocking service February 15 next year, the company said in a developer page update on Tuesday. By doing this, Google will be able to root out "bad or aggressive" ads thanks to the guidelines that are put in place by the Coalition.

Violations of the standards can be reported using Google's Ad Experience Report tool.

So again, on February 15, if your website is failing with ad standards, it won't show ads any longer in Chrome on both desktop and mobile. Site owners can then submit their sites for a review after any violating ads have been removed. "All of this information can be found in the Ad Experience Report Help Center, and our product forums are available to help address any questions or feedback". Now we have a date to circle on the calendar for a launch, which is something to look forward to in the new year.

Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February
Google Chrome to start blocking ads in February

Google says that the goal of the program is to help publishers by weeding out bad ads across the internet, which could cut down on users with blanket ad blockers. But it will be blocking all ads from sites where even one ad displayed on the site doesn't meet those standards, even if the rest are technically in compliance. The company had announced the move as being part of its endeavour to improve online advertisements, with ads that were considered intrusive being automatically blocked by the browser. Because of poorly designed or malicious ads, people are installing ad blockers at an increasing rate and making it harder and harder for free content to exist. It seems the best way to win is not to play at all...

Google is taking an all-or-nothing approach with the ad blocking.

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