Gas prices drop in RI, Mass. just in time for holidays

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August 30 is the date when gas prices began to rise in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey and the effect it would have on refineries in the Gulf Coast.

AAA reports that the price of a gallon of gasoline continues to drop in New Jersey.

The national average is projected to be $2.39 a gallon on Christmas Day, which is slightly above prices in the past years ($2.28 in 2016, $2 in 2015 and $2.38 in 2014).

East Coast and Midwest states are seeing the largest drops in gas prices - as much as six cents, while a small number of states have seen increases: in (+11 cents), MI (+8 cents), OH (+4 cents).

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However, these numbers are still much higher than those from past year. In Newland, around 2.37 a gallon, and in West Jefferson around 2.18 a gallon.

The average price in Florida increased from $2.35 a gallon on August 30 to $2.41 the following day and continued to rise throughout the week as Florida motorists waited in long lines to fill their tanks. Petersburg-Clearwater and Jacksonville regions.

Average U.S. gas prices are at their lowest point since Hurricane Harvey hit 110 days ago and caused prices to rise, according to Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. The company says the increase in supply combined with weaker winter demand and seasonal gasoline trends may give way for cheaper prices in the coming weeks.

"In addition, the gap between prices today and a year ago is also at its narrowest in months, highlighting that prices are moving in the right direction for many", he said.