North Korean ICBM not yet a threat

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who spoke before Ja reiterated Washington's warning that "all options are on the table" to contain North Korea's nuclear threat while offering to keep the lines of communication with Pyongyang open. "They alone must take responsibility for these tensions and they alone can solve these tensions", insisted Tillerson at a ministerial-level meeting of the UN Security Council.

The US has already emphasized its willingness to resolve the conflicting issues with North Korea and will continue to push for talks to end the weapons testing. During the first nine months of 2017, its trade with North Korea amounted to US$1.61 million (Bt52 million), which represented a 94-per-cent drop from the same period in 2016.

That remark caused the White House to reiterate President Trump's views on the situation "have not changed".

North Korea's Ja said his country has been the target of 11 United Nations sanctions resolutions.

North Korea's friends and enemies joined forces Friday in opposing its determination to be recognized as a nuclear weapons state and calling on leader Kim Jong Un to negotiate the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - but the North gave no sign of budging on its nuclear ambitions.

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He said North Korea won't halt its nuclear and missile programs "while it feels a direct threat to its security" and urged practical steps to de-escalate the situation, including cancellation of planned new U.S. -China talks and a more comprehensive approach and really an effort to really work on this every day and dare I say maybe fewer press conferences from the secretary of state and more efforts to have serious and prolonged discussions with key allies and partners.

But if talks with the U.S. fail, the authoritarian state could "try to make a breakthrough by improving relations with South Korea", Asan noted. Later speaking to reporters, Tillerson said that Washington would not accept any preconditions for talks with Pyongyang.

"Continuing to allow North Korean laborers to toil in slave-like conditions inside Russian Federation in exchange for wages used to fund nuclear weapons programs calls into question Russia's dedication as a partner for peace", Tillerson said. "We do not regard this claim as an empty threat". "The United States will use all necessary measures to defend itself against North Korean aggression, but our hope remains that diplomacy will produce a resolution".

In his briefing to Friday's meeting, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres offered his "good offices" to avoid the dispute over the "alarming and accelerated pace" of North Korea's nuclear and missile program accidentally escalation into conflict. "This is critical to lower the risk of miscalculation or misunderstanding and reduce tensions in the region", the United Nations administrative head said.