Children's remains found in backyard shed

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The children's ages were estimated by an anthropologist to be 2-4 years old, 5-8 years old and 6-10 years old.

The remains of three children uncovered in Montana are gaining traction as being those of three MI brothers who disappeared in 2010.

The Missoulian reports that Missoula police launched an investigation after a cleaning crew found the box when the former tenant was evicted from the property.

Loose teeth, bone from a lower jaw, as well as rocks were found in the box, Missoula City Police information officer Travis Welsh said.

MSP investigators are working with Missoula police to determine if there is any connection to Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton who were reported missing from Morenci in Lenawee County the day after Thanksgiving in 2010. "Until. testing is completed and additional investigation by law enforcement in Montana occurs, it can not be determined if these remains belong to the missing Skelton brothers".

"Bringing closure to them is a huge thing for us and we want to be able to do that for them and the community", Brewer said.

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MI authorities add that there has been nothing previously reported to police linking the brothers to Montana, and it is not known at this time if the remains are from related siblings.

Kathye Herrera, a friend of Tanya Zuvers, said that even if the remains proved to be those of the missing children, it would be better for her friend to know that than to go on not knowing.

Seven years ago, three local boys - Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton - went missing, a disappearance that remains unexplained. "I believe that John Skelton murdered those boys", the Morenci police chief told the AP. Police later arrested the boys' father, John Skelton, who was taking care of them after convincing their mother, who had exclusive custody, that he would return them the next day.

"Answers. We've been praying for answers", she said.

Skelton was eventually charged with unlawful imprisonment and parental kidnapping. An anthropologist determined the remains were more likely modern than archaeological. Skelton is now serving a 10-15-year prison sentence.

"If that happens, if we can get DNA out of these fragments, if they can definitely determine they are brothers, that would go a long ways toward making us take a closer look at the MI case".