IN THE KNOW: Is the flu for you?

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The CDC report indicates that vaccine effectiveness, which can vary each year depending on type of virus and sub virus in circulation, is expected to be similar to the effectiveness of past season.

After a slow start in October, flu season in the United States is gaining speed, particularly in the South.

The CDC says more than 6,000 people have tested positive for the flu this year, and that number is double the reported cases from this time in 2016.

Flu season is at its peak from December to February and the New Jersey Department of Health wants you to be proactive about getting your vaccine before flu activity increases. There have been 179 total hospitalizations in Oklahoma.

According to CDC, most deaths occur among people aged over 75 years, and in the world's poorest regions.

The state Health Department says influenza is now prevalent in ny state, which means health care workers who haven't had a flu shot must wear procedural masks around patients.

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"And we want to do everything we can to prevent that from happening", he said. "Flu typically goes through March, so at any time if you want to come in and get a flu shot, you can get a flu shot", said Carroll. Residents 18 and older can often get a flu vaccine at a local pharmacy. Roughly 40 percent of the USA population opts for the vaccine every year, and the CDC estimates it prevents about 5 million flu cases annually across the country.

Last week, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases made an urgent plea for better vaccines in the New England Journal of Medicine, saying "longer-term, transformative vaccine approaches are needed to minimise influenza-related morbidity and mortality".

If you get sick, look out for severe aches and pains in your muscles and joints, notable fatigue and weakness, headaches and a high fever. If you work with people, especially if you work with people who may have a compromised immune system such as young children, the elderly or those already sick, not getting your flu shot may be considered negligence if someone gets infected as a result of an employee not getting their flu shot.

There are many common misconceptions with influenza and the flu shot circulating throughout the internet and social media. As of November 25, a total of 142 people tested positive for the flu, up from 96 the week before, according tto the state Department of Public Health.

Coverage was highest for pregnant women whose doctors recommended and offered the vaccine: Just over half of women in this category had received a shot. Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asian countries also proved to have high flu-related death rates in this population.