Media Hates Omarosa Because She's a Minority Who Supports Trump

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President Donald Trump's team has been publicly nice to her and are keeping her on the White House payroll until January 20 so she can say she worked in the White House for one year, sources told the Examiner.

Manigault made a name for herself as the arch-villain on Trump's reality show The Apprentice, and reportedly took up that role in the White House, with reports indicating that her antics inspired hatred from her colleagues. "I wish you continued success", Trump tweeted on Wednesday after her exit.

On Thursday, Manigault Newman sent shockwaves through Washington when she told ABC's "Good Morning America" that "as the only African-American woman in this White House".

Omarosa did acknowledge the lack of diversity in the White House during her tenure as the White House's Office of Public Liaison. "Then, why is there is still only one African American woman in the White House?"

This is her defense of the man who said there were good people on "both sides" of the protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white nationalist drove a auto into a group of protesters. It supposedly was not clear - even to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly - what her responsibilities were exactly.

She said she resigned and claims she met with Gen. Kelly in the Situation Room where they had a "very frank discussion about the concerns I had, issues that I raised".

"Omarosa was useless and incompetent", this person vented.

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Another GOP strategist with close ties to the White House insisted that a move against Manigault Newman was overdue.

"Truth be told, she is really a pariah in the African American community", said Hostin.

The show's resident political pundit Meghan McCain pointed out that the Trump White House is filled with questionable characters that work around him and are not the well-suited people for the job. She also worked with Trump's transition team.

This was not her first time working for a presidential administration.

"The Secret Service was not involved in the termination process of Ms. Manigault Newman or the escort off of the complex".

"She has enemies and they want to put her in the worst kind of light because they felt she was a polarizing figure, and now they get a chance", Williams said of Newman.