Did Donald Trump Just Sexually Harass Kirsten Gillibrand on Twitter?

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However, with Trump getting in such fights, that lends "credence and credibility to people like Gillibrand", said King, and he thinks Trump, as president, should stay above that.

Three women who a year ago accused Donald Trump of making unwanted sexual advances renewed their allegations Monday, saying it was time Congress investigate claims against the president in the wake of dozens of other powerful American men being held accountable for their treatment of women. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who accused the president of "slut-shaming".

"Maybe she will finally stand up for what is right, since her father just literally sexually harassed, in a cruel way, a woman on Twitter".

In a press conference, Gillibrand continued to blast the president for his comments, calling his tweet a "sexist smear attempting to silence" her voice. "I don't know if I want you to show it to me".

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders, good luck today in the briefing. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!" he tweeted before the sun rose over Washington, D.C.

A day earlier, Gillibrand said Trump should resign because there were credible accusations against him.

The White House is pushing back on sexual misconduct allegations against President Donald Trump, saying he has already denied them.

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Other Twitter users noticed the president's choice of language and asked what the tweet was supposed to imply about the senator.

She also had led the charge of Democratic senators to successfully urge the resignation of Sen.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., told CNN "That was an ugly and suggestive tweet, and we all know what he was trying to say there, and it is beneath the office of the presidency". What does that mean, @realDonaldTrump?! And you treat women like punching bags. Fallon appeared to be referring to the fact sexual harassment is an issue that Gillibrand has taken on politically.

Trump is heard on a 2005 "Access Hollywood" hot microphone recording - which went public previous year - boasting about being able to grab women by their genitals because "when you're a star, they let you do it".

His daughter Ivanka Trump, donated $2,000 to Gillibrand in 2014. Before launching his presidential campaign, he frequently bestowed donations on politicians of both parties. "Whether (Trump) will ever hold himself accountable is something you really can't hold your breath for so Congress should have hearings". In their conversation with Kelly, the women explained how Trump once treated them like "pieces of meat".

"These dreams never included a man coming into the backstage hair and makeup area while I sat naked under a robe, as he walked around looking at us like we were his property before he moved into the dressing room", she said. "The environment's different. Let's try again". In 2013, he wrote of New York's attorney general: "Why did lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman come to my office on numerous occasions begging for campaign contributions?"