World's largest Starbucks opens in China and it's 30000 square feet

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After Shanghai, the second and third are scheduled to open in Milan and NY (2018) and subsequently in Tokyo and Chicago in 2019.

Speaking to the Financial Times before the official opening of the Shanghai roastery, he also said that the new roastery concept "represents the ability to take the customer up" at a time when an increasing number of Chinese consumers no longer regard some U.S. brands as premium. Coffee beans from more than 30 countries around the world, including coffee from China's Yunnan Province, are being sourced and brewed so that customers can enjoy a fresh cup of Reserve coffee.

They can also watch Princi bakers (the artisanal food pairing partner at Starbucks Roasteries) bake bread. It also features a Teavana tea bar that was 3D printed using recycled materials, the release said. "Our commitment, together with our Roastery opening, epitomizes how Starbucks is doubling-down on the unprecedented opportunities we see in the future for Starbucks and China".

Starbucks has just opened its largest store in the world in Shanghai.

"We firmly believe it is our role and responsibility to use our scale to give back to the communities as we continue to grow in China, and with the people of China", said Belinda Wong, CEO of Starbucks China. However, stores are beginning to see more customers adopt a USA consumer pattern of drinking coffee during the morning daypart. Chinese coffer lovers will be pampered with more than 100 beverages - with special focus on tea.

We're not kidding. The Seattle coffee chain has unveiled their latest baby, and it's a state-of-the-art behemoth coffee shop in the hip and bustling city of Shanghai.

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At the Shanghai site, two huge black cast iron ovens churn out more than 80 different freshly baked products a day from focaccia sandwiches with real deal Parma ham and Italian mozzarella, to sinful desserts.

{ 9 } Shanghai's Roastery includes something called the AR (augmented reality) experience. The coils of long copper pipes criss-cross the ceiling, carrying the beans from the copper cask to the main coffee bar.

Shanghai's newest Starbucks also sells beer and wine, including a craft beer made from Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala coffees. Or while in the store, they can buy the selected Roastery merchandise or whole beans they fell in love with, to be delivered directly to their homes.

{ 13 } With 3 different coffee bars, it's hard to get boring with Starbucks.

{ 15 } Shanghai is the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery outside the US, and only second Reserve Roastery to date.