Killer Flu Season Expected This Year

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Hoffman said Alberta will release more flu numbers soon, but said it's still quite early to make conclusions about vaccine effectiveness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports only sporadic cases of the flu in Wyoming, but there are more each week, indicating that flu season is approaching.

Campbell County began reporting flu cases in September and October, which is earlier than previous year, Public Health Director Jane Glaser said.

Experts say a vaccine that is less effective can still reduce the severity of the flu. "It's just important for people to recognize that they're starting to feel sick and that it can be very serious if you don't do something about it". Also, the vaccine protects against other flu strains.

The Edmonton zone has reported 167 lab confirmed cases and 61 hospitalizations. You can have deaths because of respiratory illness which causes hospitalizations. The CDC and the California Department of Public Health are recommending everyone over six months old get vaccinated. 'Vaccines remain a valuable public health tool, and it is always better to get vaccinated than not to get vaccinated'.

Doctors are warning that this flu season could be a bad one.

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CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October, if possible. "Work with your physician to determine the best vaccine type for you, and don't delay in getting medical care if you suspect you have contracted the flu".

For needle-phobes, there's a skin-deep vaccine that uses tiny needles, and a needle-free jet injector that shoots another vaccine through the skin.

Reported cases represent only a small percentage of those in our communities who actually have the flu because many people do not seek treatment and testing. The self-pay cost of vaccines is $25 and the high-dose vaccine for people 65 or older cost is $55. "I'd say we're about three or four weeks ahead of where we would be in a typical year - but many years are atypical".

FluMist, a less ouchy nasal spray vaccine, once was popular with children.

In addition to getting a seasonal flu shot, good health habits will help you stay well.