The Guy Who Briefly Kicked Donald Trump Off Twitter Says He's Sorry

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According to, says that the 20-something year old Duysak has "German-born citizen with Turkish roots who was finishing his US work and study visa working as a customer support contractor for Twitter's Trust and Safety division which handles user reports of bad behavior on the microblogging platform".

You can read the full article on TechCrunch here, and a video interview with Duysak below.

Duysak spoke to TechCrunch yesterday (November 29) and claimed he did not plan the move, but the opportunity arose at the end of his shift which happened to be his last day.

Why did he deactivate Trump's account?

I didn't do anything which I wasn't authorized to do.

The incident on November 2 caused some to worry about how much power and influence employees at social media companies possess. "We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again".

Trump's account came his way because it had been a reported by another user, he said.

Buzzfeed reported that a spokesperson for the Secret Service said there isn't now an investigation into Duysak, who was employed at Twitter with Pro Unlimited, a contracting service.

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Twitter has declined to confirm Duysak as the culprit.

Duysak said he worked at Twitter through a contracting company called Pro Unlimited. "I didn't do any crime or anything evil, but I feel like Pablo Escobar", Duysak said. "In order to protect our internal security measures we don't have further details to share at this time".

So, sadly, the idea that Twitter has an internal group of people quietly trying to tackle the spread of reckless hate and bile is not one we can entertain anymore. Let's say I'm the lucky or unlucky victim who is being put or who finds himself in this situation where millions of Americans want, would like to be at. He's back in his home country of Germany.

"Even if it was on objective, it still shouldn't have taken place. because of internal regulations at the company", he said. "I didn't do anything on objective but as I said, I had a wild time in America and I was exhausted sometimes and everyone can do mistakes". Did you know President Trump's account was controversial?

"He is a very successful person, and I admire his hard work and how he made it to get the highest position", Duysak said. I had to delete so many pictures.

Still, he believes that the deactivation wasn't totally his fault, but that "a number of coincidences. very little probabilities which randomly occurred on my last day of work".