Jennifer Lawrence: bad reviews of mother! hurt my relationship with Darren Aronofsky

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence may seem super approachable, but the actress claims that when she's in public, she can be "incredibly rude".

Star of the Hunger Games & X-Men, Jennifer Lawrence in her sexiest pictures.

"Well I just generally... once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude".

Lawrence revealed that she's often rude to fans who approach her in public to defend herself from people who "assume they're [her] best friend".

The 27-year-old actress Lawrence also gave a demonstration of the finger wag and the icy glare that the actress give to her fans whenever a fan or someone approaches her in a crowded restaurant.

"That's like my only defence". She said, "I take my dog to the park all the time, to Central Park", and as soon as she see's Amy there, "we're f*cked".

"Normally, I promote a movie, you put the work in to promoting it, ask people to go see it, and then it's just kind of out of your hands".

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky Each Processed Mixed 'mother!' Reviews Differently
Jennifer Lawrence admits she's an “asshole” to fans that approach her in public

Jennifer she tells fans it's "her day off" as she shoos them away. They go, Hey Adam, could I get a picture? And I go, You dont want that. "Like, if it's Sunday, I'm like, "It's Sunday, I'm not working today", she added.

Sandler agreed that avoiding reviews was the way to go, before the pair moved onto discussion of how they handle fan encounters.

Sandler points to his age for his willingness to engage with fans.

Lawrence previously told Entertainment Weekly she wasn't surprised by the divisive audience reaction to her psychological horror film, which received the infamous F CinemaScore. From Halle Berry as Catwoman, to Rebecca Romjin as Mystique here are our favourite sexy superwomen.

"I sit them down, I feed them, I let them hang out with my kids".

He joked: "My life's nearing the end. It's not healthy to realise how many people are actually looking and listening to you".

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