Donkeys jailed for destroying 'expensive' plants, Twitter reacts

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As an extremely freaky case, Uttar Pradesh's Jalaun district donkeys were recently put behind bars for committing the "crime" of feasting on expensive plants outside Ural jail here. Jail officials released the equines after he "requested for forgiveness" and submitted an affidavit stating he would not leave the donkeys loose in the area again.

The cheeky chaps were orignally detained for allegedly eating thousands of pounds worth of plants that were supposed to go outside the Urai Jail in the Jalaun district of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

While the four-legged animals were bailed out after a local politician intervened and insisted on their release, twitterati could soon be seen tweeting their minds on the microblogging site. Someone informed the owner, identified as Kamlesh, about the donkeys having been detained by police.

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The eight donkeys were detained last Friday, sending their owner into a frenzy to bust them from the joint, according to the news outlet. "This action will give a strong message to owners", said he.When jail staff refused to release his donkeys, the owner Kamlesh approached a local BJP leader Shkati Gahoi.

When Kamlesh found out his donkeys were being held in prison, he pleaded for their release - but was denied. They were confined for four days to teach a lesson to their owner who did not pay attention to our warnings.

Sharma also said the animals were well known as mischief-makers in the area, the Times of India reports.